Every now and then we hear strange stories about people who perform miracles. Sometimes we all wonder about the possibilities of those stories been real. This segment of “Athulatha” on Muhunu TV was very special to us as the person who conducted this made us to be part of this process. We experienced the effects and recorded it live. Please watch the program and comment. We welcome all feedback whether positive or negative. Feel free to contact us, if you have anything against it or faced any problems relating to miracle workers who claim to communicate with unseen forces. We are ready to explore your side of the story and explore many other places throughout this program.

The main purpose of ‘Athulatha” programme is to decide whether the stories we hear about miracles are true or not. We come to a conclusion by observing ,investigating different people who claim to perform miracles.If we look into the society ,many people say that there are many unseen forces operating in society and the world .There are many who fall into trouble as a result of these unseen forces as well as those miracle workers in the society.
Today we have come to Dematagoda area to meet this special person. He says that he is capable of seeing some unseen forces and that he could control these.

Manuranga – Swami Rajanayaka, We cordially welcome you to this interview.
As all of us know that this area is a very busy area in Colombo. can you tell us whether the busyness in this area affects your work. Is this not an obstacle?
Swami Rajanayaka – This village is full of Muslims and there are many Tamils who live here too. Also there are people belonging to various religions and they live together without any religious differences. They all come to my place.

Manuranga – Can you tell me how you spent your childhood? Where were you born? What made you to come to this way ?
Swami Rajanayaka – I was living at this place from my childhood. My parents brought me up. I happened to go abroad to work. When I was abroad my grandfather died. He had a strong influence over me. Afterwards I came back to sri Lanka . Then I realised I have this power ,for an example If I happen to see some unknown person I could tell about that person.
I went to Kataragama devala, where I made an offering. After that ceremony there was an unknown attraction came into my body. So that I lost consciousness, didn’t know what happened for about 20 minutes.I came to know about it through a video recording done by one of my friends. I saw Some coconuts and king coconuts were dashed on my head and cracked them. An unknown force had come to my body. . My nature was changed remarkably.

Manuranga – Are there any great grand fathers and grand fathers who have been subjected to similar treatment ?
Swami Rajanayaka – Yes, My grandfather, and great grandfather had done similar jobs through their generations. They are all from Matara.

Manuranga – Do you name this attraction or an unknown influence came to you from a demon or is it an invitation from the God? Is it an influence from the evil spirits ?
Swami Rajanayaka – We do everything through the energy of our own. There has been no influence from the gods which could be in the human body.

Manuranga – To say that there is an influence from god or the god coming into your body is a myth.
Swami Rajanayaka – Yes. A God will never come into your body.

Manuranga – It’s an absolute lie to say that an unknown god coming into your body.
Swami Rajanayaka – Yes, a god will never come into your body.

Manuranga – how do you do this ? Do you do this through the influence of mysterious power? Some kind of spell or with the help of medicine?
Swami Rajanayaka – We cannot find a solution from medicine. It is very hard to find the leafs from trees, They have destroyed the forests in Sri Lanka ,So I have to go for the other option That’s why we turn to a mysterious power.

(Video footage of some ladies and how he’s helping them . He asks one of them to crack open an egg which they have bought from a shop ,a small note written on a piece of thin brazzo pops out of the cracked egg .He was talking to them about their problems and when a lime is cut right in front of them we get to see blood oozing out of it. )

Manuranga – Can you see these things through a naked eye in the normal life?
Swami Rajanayaka – Yes I can. it’s not that I could understand,If someone comes and tells me something is wrong some where but I can turn a coconut around and predict if there‘s any problem involved or enter a house and tell if the place is bad or good.

Manuranga – What is the most difficult task you have ever done so far?
Swami Rajanayaka – Hmm about three months ago, a girl aged about 13 years from Gampaha area was influenced by 8 prêtas (evil spirits) and she used to drink two bottles of arrack and smoked ganja etc . They had done all sorts of treatments methods, no one could remove it.I went to her house and removed the spirits from the body and cured her. Now the girl is normal & attending school.

( video footage of a girl who’s sitting on the floor drinking alcohol from a bottle and ask for tobacco.when they give cigarettes she is not happy ,saying she prefers “bidi “. ( different type of tobacco ) . She claims to be the dead brother of the lady who lives in that house. Etc)

Manuranga – What is the most suitable occasion a evil spirits can enter a human body?
Swami Rajanayaka – There are ghosts or souls and evil spirits (unseen) living in this world. We call them Male prethas(dead spirits) and the gevala prethas(house spirits). There are good spirits who are just around looking for merits .They are the dead ones living in the houses as evil spirits, When our bodies become weak they happen to enter the body. This is due to the bad karma done in the previous ãthma (soul). There are good ones who enter the body as well as bad ones, the good spirits try to give us some thing good,but with the bad sprits it’s different .they behave badly wearing the dirty clothes and hooting etc and trouble the house holders. They are the dead sprits

Manuranga – Who are these prethas or evil spirits ( prethas ) ? Why they are called bad sprites?
Swami Rajanayaka – I never capture and lock those who are entering the bodies try not to do any harm to the owner of the body. They eat the things he loves to eat.
What we do is capture the evil spirits from body ,enter into an egg and then hand it over to Srimaha bodhi or Keri Vehera. They can collect metta ( merits) and get rid of their bad souls. Then they never come back.

Manuranga – I like to attract a beautiful Hindi actress. can you do that?
Swami Rajanayaka – It is a myth. We can’t do such an attraction, but we can do general things. If anyone is having a good time or spacious time then ,we can’t do bad things to them But if the times are bad then it affects the body of the owner in a certain way. so that depends on the situation.

Manuranga – That means it will not affect everybody, as the notices in the news paper say. It will not affect their bodies, or the souls.
Swami Rajanayaka – If you have the birth time , day, photo some times it is possible to do it but not for every one.

Manuranga – How do you say that what you do is true ?
Swami Rajanayaka – people usually don’t believe these things because they cant see .There are so many Kapu mahattayas ( miracle workers) in Sri Lanka, today. I can do a wonder taking an egg or a coconut and you can see it with the naked eye.

Manuranga – Now we r going to watch something live.
Swami Rajanayaka – Now let us see , when there’s a bad sprit in the house we try to insert them to an egg. We entered a soul ( bad sprit ) into this egg.So this is a body of a woman who died a natural death. we kept the egg inside the house for 24 hours. we can also decide whether the sprit was belong to a male or female.

Manuranga – It is impossible for us to turn an object into a living object.I am not aware of how to describe this so we are going to show how it is done.Normally a thing turn into live need an energy ,now we are going to witness such event

(video footage of him trying to turn an egg by keeping his finger on it. The egg started to move slowly.swami was saying turn fast , be under my control and turn etc and the egg seems to follow the orders from swami. )

Swami Rajanayaka – When the people in the house believe that there is an evil spirit, if you happen to witness this some might think if it is touched by the swami then only it turns. No Similarly ,any other person can turn it using a pen or a pencil as well.

Manuranga – Now we can see how it turns according to the order given by the swami.

( the material is enacted and how the body turns sideways is seen clearly)

Manuranga – Can it turn to what ever side we want?

( video footage of it turning in to different directions)

Manuranga – May I try?
You see it turns with out any force used by me. The swami says that the same thing could happen to a coconut as well.

( video footage of showing some one standing on a coconut and when the orders are given by swami it turns)

Manuranga – In fact, it turns quite faster and having seen how it turns .Now it is your turn to come to a conclusion of the things which you have seen.
I honestly don’t know how to explain,Whether its scientific or a unseen force. Also the fact, whether we could clarify this truth scientifically or not.
I present it to you. It is entirely up to you to accept or reject it. You could test,analyze or experiment it.

Writer – Kaush